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Anything But a Boring Book Report!!! To Kill a Mockingbird with Web 2.0

Posted by Michelle Filip on June 13, 2016 at 3:30pm 0 Comments

Grade: 8th Grade

Subject: Learning Technology and Language Arts

Apps Used: Edmodo, Voki, Incredibox, Camera, iMovie, & Google Drive

Student work: http://goudymockingbird.weebly.com/

Description: In collaboration with the 8th grade language arts teacher, this lesson focuses on the traits of the characters in the novel To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. As students begin to the read the novel in their reading class, they will summerize, analyze, and demonstrate their learning not through just another boring book report- but a combination of parts using cool web 2.0 tools!

Part I: Students choose a character from To Kill a Mockingbird and produce a Voki through first person narrative writing. Students write a rough draft in their notes on the iPad and then paste and design their narrative on the Voki educational app or at the website http://www.voki.com/  Students embed their Voki into Edmodo.com where the teacher can share their Vokis with the school. See here

Part II: Students produce a beat and write lyrics about a theme they are noticing in the novel. Using the Incredibox App or Incredibox website, student create and save a beat boxing jam. They are then challenged to write lyrics while using at least 5 vocabulary words from the book. A complete list of vocabulary words and definitions for To Kill a Mockingbird can be found here.…


Making Science Topics into News Segments

Posted by Patrick A Rodrigues on June 13, 2016 at 8:30am 0 Comments

Since the use of a text book to teach science concepts is difficult and boring, why not make the teaching more interactive and meaningful?  I thought lets make a new version of Bill Nye The Science Guy only this time my students would be the producers, directors, story boarders, and of course the overpaid actors and actresses.  The first thing we did as a class is teach them how to use a GREEN SCREEN and how to create ANIMATIONS.  We had two great applications already on our ipads called GREEN SCREEN & ANIMATION by doo ink.  I researched and of course I played with them both as all great scientists would do before releasing it to the students.  As I introduced the project to them I made sure that they knew both of these apps had to be incorporated into their science video segments.   The next step in the process was assigning topics and creating questions to research using reputable sources.  Once the research was completed, each member designed their news segment for the questions they researched.  After the individuals designs were completed each group had to then discuss how they would organize and mesh their ideas together.  Once the ideas were meshed and drawn on a story board the students begin to video and incorporate the GREEN SCREEN, ANIMATION, and iMovie to create their visual masterpieces.  The final step was editing and special effects.  

Hope you enjoy our NEW VERSION of the SCIENCE NEWS!  More editions to come in the future.....…


Mrs.L.Lopez Persian Battles Room 308

Posted by Lissette Lopez on June 10, 2016 at 12:21pm 0 Comments


Subject:Social Studies

Apps Used: Book Creator, iBook/iMovie, Animation

 The students were learning about the four Persian Wars between Greece and Persia.

We spent about three weeks reading and taking notes on the Wars. Students were able to choose the method or app in which to demonstrate their knowledge of the wars. 

I was pleased with the students enthusiasm and engagement in learning about the different war strategies used by the Persians and Greeks. If I had to do this over again I would allow more time for the projects. I planned for three days but easily could have used five which would include class presentations.

The students exceeded my expectations. Their projects brought their knowledge to life. They showed detail and an in depth understanding of the battles. I feel the iPad enhanced this lesson by providing choice, creativity, and engagement. Also, the students took their time in choosing the appropriate app in order to create diverse presentations allowing me to assess their knowledge of this chapter.




Data Collection and Analysis in Sixth Grade Math

Posted by Beth burkhart on June 10, 2016 at 7:46am 0 Comments

Grade: 6
Subject: Math

Apps Used: Google Forms, Google Sheets, Keynote

Description of Activity : Students in sixth grade are learning about data collection and analysis. The students practiced creating survey questions that would yield variable data (more than one answer). In this inquiry lesson, students developed survey questions based on their own interests and curiosity. They created a survey using Google forms, and sent the survey to a sample of at least 30 people. They students then analyzed the results in Sheets using measures of center—mean, median, mode, and range. They created graphs, choosing from bar graphs, dot plots, or box plots to represent their findings. As a summative assessment, students created Keynote presentations of their data and their research process.

iPad and Acoustic Instrument Performance

Posted by Michael Sviokla on June 9, 2016 at 6:33pm 0 Comments

Our class was learning about composition, performance, and performance etiquette.  Prior to this lesson we have been using acoustic and electronic instruments to create, practice, and record pieces.  This was the first time students used both electronic and acoustic instruments.    Students would create original pieces and reflect on how the use of iPads changed how they wrote music.  

Students had a basic knowledge of guitar/keyboard/drums, how to create and structure a song, and knowledge of how to create a piece on garageband.   Students created their own groups of five or six, assigned roles for playing in their groups, created a piece, and then performed it at the end of class.  Students may use (up to) on iPad, one guitar, one keyboard, and as many acapella performers as they wished (beatboxing, body percussion, singing/rapping.)  At the end of class, they would perform their compositions.  Whoever create the iPad part of the piece would be the DJ and the rest of the performers would perform acoustically or acapella.




Most of the groups made interpretations of songs they already knew such as 7 Years, What Does the Fox Say?  I was impressed by how organized the students were and how enthusiastic the performances were.  There were many students who felt that the iPad would…


K.Park 5/6 Grade Endangered Species Project

Posted by Kimberly on June 8, 2016 at 11:51am 0 Comments

While searching for a project about endangered species, I came across this website (http://www.mrscott.org/endangered-species-project.html). A teacher in Indiana named Mr. Scott has done all the leg work. There you will find all the required rubrics and hand-outs for this activity.

Students will research the endangered species of their choice. There is a list to choose from on Mr. Scott's web page. They will then be require to research such information as habitat, reasons for endangerment, predator/prey and so on. Exactly what to research is also available in the form of a hand-out on Mr. Scott's page.

Oh and by the way did I mention that Mr. Scott also has an example of a finished product to show the students as a model?

What I did was basically download Mr. Scott's handouts and upload them to ebackpack a great app where students are able to access documents that teachers upload for them. I then went to Mr. Scott's website and provided my students with the link as well (via ebackpack). I went through the website and showed my students where to access the list of animals and research links.

After students completed the required documents and research I connected my iPad to the Smart Board and showed students how to use certain elements of iMovie (templates, music insertion, cut, and shorten.)

As for the music, I had one room pick songs and downloaded them to my iTunes account. I then put them on ebackpack (after approving them) and other classes simply chose from this list.

I shortened the assignment as it was designed for sixth graders. Also, students will want to insert videos but most schools do not allow youtube access and so we did not use any. All are photos.

Mr. Scott designed this project for 6th graders. I used it for my fifth graders and shortened it some.

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